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After Rain


'My fiction may, now and again, illuminate aspects of the human condition, but I do not consciously set out to do so: I am a storyteller.' - William Trevor

Here is a new collection of twelve absorbing, deeply compassionate tales that reveal the subtle revenges of love and indifference, the deep wells of affection, and the strange, breathtaking tricks of chance that make up the texture of our lives.

In this collection of twelve dazzling, acutely rendered tales, William Trevor plumbs the depths of the human heart. Here we encounter a blind piano tuner whose wonderful memories of his first wife are cruelly distorted by his second; a woman in a difficult marriage who must choose between her indignant husband and her closest friend; two children, survivors of divorce, who mimic their parents' melodramas; and a heartbroken woman traveling alone in Italy who experiences an epiphany while studying a forgotten artist's Annunciation. 

"There is no better short story writer in the English-speaking world."--Wall Street Journal

"Everyone will have his own list of the best short stories. Mine includes most of Chekhov, one or two by James Joyce, a dozen or more from D. H. Lawrence and -- in this same vein -- a healthy selection from William Trevor. This Irish-born, English-domiciled writer, who is also an excellent novelist, gave us his ''Collected Stories'' a few years back. Now, as if to assure us that the well is far from dry, he offers a luminously disturbing new collection, ''After Rain.'' -- Wendy Lesser, The New York Times Book Review 

"The deft handling of information, as well as the exquisite sense of control, again show Trevor as a brilliant master of his craft." - Publishers Weekly (Starred) 

"Dependably brilliant work from one of Chekhov's most accomplished disciples." - Kirkus Reviews

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