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Camus A Collection of Critical Essays (Twentieth Century Views)


A variety of views on one of the most discussed and most easily misunderstood writers of our time

A foremost interpreter of modern French literature, Germaine Brée, brings together and evaluates the best in critical writing on Nobel prize winner Albert Camus. Her selections, many of them formerly inaccessible to most readers, were taken from journals in the United States, France, and Italy. They reflect the considered reactions of seasoned critics to a literary reputation in the making.

This book contains a full range of viewpoints and interpretations - political, religious, and philosophical, as well as literary - on Camus and his work. A partial listing indicates the rich choice:

JEAN-PAUL SARTRE, "An Explication of The Stranger," from Les Cahiers du Sud

NICOLA CHIAROMONTE, "Sartre versus Camus," from The Partisan Review

ROGER QUILLOT, "Albert Camus's Algeria," from La Revue socialiste

SERGE DOUBROVSKY, "The Ethics of Albert Camus," from Preuves

THOMAS HANNA, "Albert Camus and the Christian Faith," from the Journal of Religion

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