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The Baron in the Trees


A whimsical, imaginative story about life in the trees

Cosimo, a young Italian nobleman of the eighteenth century, rebels against parental authority by climbing into the trees and remaining there for the rest of his life. He adapts efficiently to an arboreal existence–hunts, sows crops, plays games with earth-bound friends, fights forest fires, solves engineering problems, and even manages to have love affairs. From his perch in the trees, Cosimo sees the age of Voltaire pass by and a new century dawn.

"A truly delicious fantasy... deserves to be read for its brio, for its charm, for the sheer fun of reading it." – New York Hearld Tribune Book Review

"A tour de force... a stunning one, which consists in making us belive that life in the trees is as natural as life on earth... a wonder and a delight." – Saturday Review

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