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Deep River


"Endo has successfully dramatized the discovery that the sacred river of humanity flows within ourselves."―National Catholic Reporter

The river is the Ganges, where a group of Japanese tourists converge: Isobe, grieving the death of the wife he ignored in life; Kiguchi, haunted by war-time memories of the Highway of Death in Burma; Numada, recovering from a critical illness; Mitsuko, a cynical woman struggling with inner emptiness; and, the butt of her cruel interest, Otsu, a failed seminarian for whom the figure on the cross is a god of many faces. In this novel, the renowned Japanese writer Shusaku Endo reaches his ultimate religious vision.

"This novel is a fascinating study of cultural truths revealed through a rich and varied cast. Endo, one of Japan's leading writers, skillfully depicts the small details of life, investing them with universal significance. Highly recommended."
― Library Journal

"Japanese novelist Endo combines a harsh critique of the emptiness in modern lives with a religious vision of spiritual rebirth."
― Publishers Weekly

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