Còn hàng

In the Miso Soup


It's just before New Year, and Frank, an overweight American tourist, has hired Kenji to take him on a guided tour of Tokyo's nightlife. But, Frank's behaviour is so odd that Kenji begins to entertain a horrible suspicion: his client may in fact have murderous desires. Although Kenji is far from innocent himself, he unwillingly descends with Frank into an inferno of evil, from which only his sixteen-year-old girlfriend, Jun, can possibly save him.

'There is no shortage of terrors in this novel... Atmosphere predominates, and the claustrophobia of the backstreets of Tokyo is intensely imagined' Daily Telegraph

'Beyond one terribly shocking scene, Miso is a thoughtful novel about loneliness, lack of identity and cultural and moral corruption... If you like noir, Miso is dark enough for those who want to expand their exposure to Japanese culture beyond sushi, comics and video games' USA Today

'Oozes darkness and ambiguity and reads like a cross-Pacific bullet train' Entertainment Weekly

'A blistering postrait of contemporary Japan, its nihilism and decadence wrapped up within one of the most savage thrillers since The Silence of the Lambs. Shocking but gripping' Kirkus Reviews

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